National Champion Aquathlon Ferlach (AUT)

I got invited to the Ferlach Aquathlon this August. It was the first time in Austria for the Austrian National Championship in Aquathlon and the fourth Ferlach Aquathlon in history. 

This year they extended the swim curse from 750m to 1000m. 

The run curse stayed the same with 3 rounds around the idyllic Ferlach Badesee with total of 5100m.

Fortunately I spend some days in Austria on August 3rd and was able to take part at this race. My motivation was high to prepare for the final WTS races. I took it serious and started full speed right from the beginning. 

Openwater training for the big WTS Finale in Lausanne.

Focus was to bring my transition to perfection. The transition is known as the 4th discipline in Triathlon.
You have to paractice it over and over again. On the highest level the laydies are almost perfect and you can even lose or in the other way round you can even win
a race in the transition, especially when you race at short distance.
The swimcourse had some turns and good orientation was needed to find the ideal swimline.
All in all i am happy with the swim in Ferlach and it was a welcome preparation race for Lausanne.

Although Aquathlon makes a lot of fun I do not want to dedicate myself completely to Aquathlon and will continue to register for Triathlon Races πŸ™‚

What makes the Ferlach Aquathlon special for me was to start at home for all my fans that gave me great support on the curse. You pass everyone three times that
gives me a extra thrill and extra speed which you can see on the fotos when I did not came out of smiling.

I hope my race calender of season 2020 allows me to see you all again at 5th Ferlach Aquathlon.



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